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Photo ID Make Model Capacitysort ascending
6000 lb Forklift rental 6000lb with 4 Stage Mitsubishi FGC30 6 000lbs
Rental Forklift 4 stage upright C515 , Rental Forklift TCM FCG25 5 000lbs
Forklift low clearance Low Clearance forklift rental NISSAN 5 000lbs
Hyster Forklift S40FT 4,000 lb Hyster HYSTER S40FT 4 000lbs
Forklift non marking tires 4,000 lb Non-Marking Tires NISSAN 4 000lbs
Rental Lifttruck 3000 lb 3000 lb Rental Lifttruck Nissan CPJ01A1515PV 3 000lbs